Youth Programs

Youths aged 24 and under (and those who support them) who are affected by substance or alcohol use can access our programs:
or parole  
Days Ahead
  • Full assessment of a youth’s drug and/or alcohol use and its impact on relationships, education/ employment, legal, leisure, physical and emotional health
  • Counselling for the youth and his/her family
  • Services available for young people affected by someone else’s substance use
  • Additional referrals as required to meet client needs
  • Community support and education
Services are available in :  Burlington & Oakville: 905-639-6537 
                                             Milton, Georgetown, Acton: 905-693-4250
Know the D.E.A.L. (Drugs, Education, Alcohol and the Law)
  • An Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills United Way funded project.
  • For youth identified by school personnel and/or who are involved with the Halton Regional Police Service Diversion program
  • Individual assessment prior to the start of group and exit interview on completion
  • 4-session workshop informs and teaches skills that improve positive, healthy decision-making related to substance use
  • Provides parent support during the program and referrals to further supports
Services are available in:  Oakville: 905-691-0029
                                              Milton, Georgetown, Acton: 905-691-2669
Parent Programs
  • Provide services for parents of youths in ADAPT Youth Programs, but are also available to parents whose young person not involved in our programs
  • The Parent Education Group is a 5-week program available on Monday evenings which provides parents with an understanding of youth substance use, and strategies to assist them with dealing with these issues. Individual sessions are also available
Call 905-639-6537 to register and for locations
Transitional Aged Youth Outreach Program (TAY)
  • Active outreach support to assist young adults in overcoming homelessness, unemployment, and limited education to address their substance use with or without mental health concerns
  • Flexible schedules to accommodate clients
  • Programs are also available for parents and caregivers
Call 905-693-4249 for more information

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